February 13, 2013

Discontinued.....Works For Me

Sometimes when I see the word "discontinued" my eyes light up.   I mentioned in an earlier post that material for projects can be found by using some unlikely items.   Last week when I stopped into my local JoAnn's store I remembered that I'd forgotten to mention one of my favorite finds for pillow covers - discontinued fabric samples!   It was my lucky day because the store had just put out a stack of Sunbrella samples.  Other designer names go out for sale throughout the year too. They're the perfect size for pillows and check out the price - $2.00.   Hurry there still may be some left :)

Discontinued samples

February 11, 2013


What happens when you still have some paint left over in the quart?   Find another piece of furniture in need of a makeover, right?   Slowly but surely I've been changing the look of some pieces.   The lighter color adds a breath of fresh air to the furniture.   I feel like I'm getting ready for spring! This bench I picked up at a church flea market a few years back.


Annie Sloan Old Ochre to the rescue.  Left side shows Dark Wax

After.... for now :)

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