February 13, 2013

Discontinued.....Works For Me

Sometimes when I see the word "discontinued" my eyes light up.   I mentioned in an earlier post that material for projects can be found by using some unlikely items.   Last week when I stopped into my local JoAnn's store I remembered that I'd forgotten to mention one of my favorite finds for pillow covers - discontinued fabric samples!   It was my lucky day because the store had just put out a stack of Sunbrella samples.  Other designer names go out for sale throughout the year too. They're the perfect size for pillows and check out the price - $2.00.   Hurry there still may be some left :)

Discontinued samples

February 11, 2013


What happens when you still have some paint left over in the quart?   Find another piece of furniture in need of a makeover, right?   Slowly but surely I've been changing the look of some pieces.   The lighter color adds a breath of fresh air to the furniture.   I feel like I'm getting ready for spring! This bench I picked up at a church flea market a few years back.


Annie Sloan Old Ochre to the rescue.  Left side shows Dark Wax

After.... for now :)

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January 30, 2013

Still My Favorite

My goodness, where has this table not been in my house?  The new pattern is my nod to a more upbeat and fun year ahead.  I've often thought of replacing the wood top with glass or stone but then the quick fix I get with paint would come to an end.  Maybe I'll revisit that thought another day :)

Marked off squares with painter's tape

Painted with AS Chalk Paint in Old Ochre and Graphite

Dark Wax finish

Valentine's Day vignette

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January 28, 2013

Pillows x3

Happy Monday! I mentioned in an earlier post that I had found some napkins which I planned to make into pillows.  Remember to think outside the box when searching for material for projects; shower curtains, tablecloths, sheets, drop cloths - you get the idea :)   So here are the three pillows I made using the four napkins.  Two pillows have a cream back and one has the print on both sides.  

A pop of color on these dreary winter days

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January 21, 2013

All That Work

Knowing how much time and love goes into creating something with your hands only makes me admire it even more.   So when I see something handmade, particularly a needlepoint piece it makes me stop and think, what was the person like who made it, how many hours did it take to complete, where did he/she use it?

At the end of the summer I found two needlepoint pieces at a garage sale. I wasn't sure what I would do with them but for only two dollars a piece I couldn't pass them up knowing the time that went into making them.  So I brought them home, had them dry cleaned and hung them in my guest closet to wait for inspiration :)

Recently, I painted a frame and it dawned on me that I could use it for one of the pieces.   Here is my new picture with its new life in my living room.

Needlepoint piece.
Look at all those stitches!

Stapled along the four sides on the back of frame

Placed cardboard backing from frame down in place.  I trimmed and stapled the canvas in place and
then covered the entire back with brown craft paper.  Sorry forgot to take pic :(

Finished needlepoint picture

Does anyone else think about the history of a found object?

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January 18, 2013

Clearance Aisle

Do you see what I see?  Yes, that's right $5.00 but that's also two pillows maybe four if I use a different material on the back.  These napkins have a nice weight to them and will make a 16x16 inch pillow.   I love the bold pop of color and design.  Remember to give the linen aisle a peek when looking for pillows - it's a super easy sewing project :)

It's Friday!   Have a great weekend.

January 16, 2013

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Finally last week my wait came to an end.  My favorite thrift store reopened after closing for the holidays and I could go on a  treasure hunt :)   I try to stop in at least once a month to see what comes in and usually it's not hard to find something.  I wasn't looking for a big project just something easy to start the New Year and get my hands covered in paint again.   

Here's what caught my eye; a pair of lamps and a wooden frame.  I love the shape of the lamps and the thickness of the wood frame.  I purchased a new shade of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue and thought I'd try it out on the lamps.  The frame received my go to shade of Annie Sloan Old Ochre and a light distressing.  Here are the before and afters.  

Solid Wood Frame
Painted with ASCP Old Ochre and lightly distressed

Lamps with metal base

One painted with ASCP Aubusson Blue
the other with an added coat of AS Dark Wax

Hope you're having a great day!   Thanks for visiting.

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January 7, 2013

2 Drawers + 2 Hours = 1 Clean Room

I try to make January a month of organizing the house (rooms, closets, drawers, paperwork) and being more efficient.  This project definitely helped my efforts.  It's not a new idea when it comes to diy projects but I must say that it's a great way to repurpose a pair of old dresser drawers and serves as a great storage solution.

Two old dresser drawers

Attached wheels

Secured together with screws

Painted with ASCP in Paris Grey

Now it's ready to roll under the bed :)

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