January 30, 2013

Still My Favorite

My goodness, where has this table not been in my house?  The new pattern is my nod to a more upbeat and fun year ahead.  I've often thought of replacing the wood top with glass or stone but then the quick fix I get with paint would come to an end.  Maybe I'll revisit that thought another day :)

Marked off squares with painter's tape

Painted with AS Chalk Paint in Old Ochre and Graphite

Dark Wax finish

Valentine's Day vignette

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  1. Olá Debbie, como vai ?
    Estou realmente encantada com este projeto!
    A união do pé de máquina e da máquina de escrever antiga, ficaram encantadores .
    Lilian – Blog:♥Duas Moças Prendadas!

  2. I love the new design and your Valentine's vignette!