August 29, 2012

British Invasion

After reading so much about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and seeing it recently in a new store downtown I finally decided to purchase my first two quarts.  I chose Paris Grey, Old Ochre and the Dark Wax.  I wanted to try it out on something small so I tied it into my love of all things British:  London, Will & Kate, the 2012 Summer Olympics :)  Here is my version of the Union Jack.

 Taped off the middle stripe and painted it Paris Grey.

Used Old Ochre and Lenox Tan from BM.

Applied the Clear & Dark Wax and lightly sanded afterward.  Finished with Clear Wax.

I like that no priming is necessary and the smooth finish you get by using the wax.   Hmm what's next?


  1. that looks gorgeous! i love the colors you used!

  2. I love union jacks ( my favorite thing to do to a make over ) and you nailed it! The colors are gorgeous - just love this!!!