October 16, 2012

I'm Ready

Last week I had a light bulb moment.  You can read about it here.  I'd like to show you the finished project involving a mannequin and a grain sack.   Need I say she is looking good!

It's all about having the right undergarment.  In order to make her look smooth and shapely, I wrapped her in batting and used some string to hold it in place.  One package the size used for a baby quilt was plenty.

Next step was to cut the grain sack in half.   After a deep breath,  I had two pieces for the front and back.

I pinned the pieces right sides together all along one side, the top, and half way down the other side.  So that I could get it off her to sew.  So far so good.

Next,  I sewed the front and back together following the markings of the pins and turned it right side out and put it back on.  I hand sewed the side opening and hem.   Her legs (base) weren't looking so good so I applied ASCP in Graphite for a quick touch up.

Here she is, all dressed up.   Now where should she go?

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