November 19, 2012

Hutch Update

Whether it's the back of a hutch or bookcase,  I've admired how you can instantly update its look with a striking paint color or fabric design.   I decided to tackle this rather easy project and I love how it turned out. First, I found the material last week at Joanne's and with a 50%off sale going on it was only $12 a yard which was all that I needed.  Off to the Dollar Store for 4 pieces of poster board and that cost, well you can do the math LOL.

After measuring the back of my hutch, I cut the poster board.  I needed to tape together the two pieces in order to get the length.

I covered it like you would a present and taped it along the back.  No reason to get fancy here.

They fit into place perfectly!   How much better my collection of milk glass looks.  It's one of those projects that makes me wonder what took me so long?

Enjoy your week!

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  1. What a perfect spot to showcase your milkglass. It really pops now!

  2. Thanks so much Sharon! I was hoping that it would stand out more.